Good, Bad and Ugly Innovation Telco Podcast

I had a great time participating in this thought-provoking podcast episode. Where we take you on a captivating journey exploring the possibilities, pitfalls, and potential of online identity.

Covering a wide range of topics, we delve into the exponential changes happening in the digital landscape and examine the interactions between the three domains interested in identity: personal, private institutions, and public institutions. We uncover the value found in transactions between these domains and discover the importance of the community commons at the intersection of all domains.

Drawing parallels with the metaphorical “Meeting of the Waters,” we explore the interests and concerns of top-down ID/authentication initiatives versus personal interests and concerns. We also discuss upcoming EIDAS regulations, the concept of smart wallets, and the profound impact of algorithms on personal reputation.

Addressing the critical issues of identity theft and fraud, we recognize the current protection measures in place while uncovering the real and tragic costs associated with identity fraud. We contemplate the balance between self-sovereignty and the risks of anarchy and chaos that excessive individual control can bring.

Central to our discussion is the notion of the Identity Nexus, where individuals, private institutions, and public institutions converge. We explore the Identity Nexus Equation and introduce an exciting new term coined by Michael: the “Phigiverse“, representing the intersection of the physical and digital worlds.

Remember to tune in to this captivating podcast episode as we gain insights into the complexities of online identity, authentication, and the fascinating realm of the “Phigiverse“.

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Michael Becker is an intentionally recognized identity & personal information management solutions strategic advisor, speaker, entrepreneur, and academic. He advises companies on personal information economy business strategy, product development, business development, and sales & marketing strategies. He also represents them at leading trade groups, including the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. Michael is an advisor to Assurant, Predii, Privowny, and Phoji. He is the co-author of Mobile Marketing for Dummies and a number of other books and articles related to mobile marketing, identity, and personal information management. He is on the faculty of marketing of the Association of National Advertisers and National University. A serial entrepreneur, Michael founded Identity Praxis, co-founded mCordis and The Connected Marketer Institute, was a founding member of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), and was on the MMA board of directors for ten years and was MMA’s North American Managing Director for three years. In 2004, Michael co-founded iLoop Mobile, a leading messaging solutions provider. In 2014, Michael was awarded the 2014 Marketing EDGE Edward Mayer Education Leadership Award for his commitment to marketing education.

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