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ID & PIMS Industry Directory

Click here to view our identity, personal information management, and mobile/connected marketing industry directory.

The Identity Praxis ID & PIMS Directory is a work-in-progress. We are pulling from multiple sources. In addition to the directory that we’ll be building out over time here is a list of useful ecosystem mapping, codifying, and directory listings efforts underway throughout the industry:

Other Industry Directories & Landscapes

  • Identity Ecosystem Map is an interactive relationship map (build on of leading organizations and initiatives looking to tackle the management of identity. It has been developed by Identity Women, Kaliya Young, alongside the ID Commons mapping working group.
  • Marketing Technology Landscape, first released in 2010, the marketing technology landscape, maps and codifies of over 7000 marketing technology companies, many of which play a role in the management of identity and personal information. Scott Brinker and the team at Chiefmartec release a new landscape on/around Q2 every year. The landscape is visualized in a “supergraphic” as well as an excel spreadsheet that lists every organization by name, URL, category, and sub-category.
  • Privacy Tech Vendor Report, the IAPP regularly published a Privacy Tech Vendor Report, which lists leading B2B vendors to that help companies manage privacy. The 2018 report contained 197 companies. Reports: 2018 (PDF 8.2MB), 2017.

Inspirational News & Media Sites

Stats & Data Sources

  • Alexa (PAID), Tools to improve SEO and PPC strategy,  ideas generation, traffic generation, site rankings
  • Global Web Index (Freemium), instant access to revealing data set on consumer behaviors.
  • Marketing Charts (FREE)
  • YouGov
  • Statista (Paid)
  • eMarketer (Paid, but has free charts too)
  • Statcounter, offers statistics on worldwide browser penetration and market share by OEM.
  • Android Distribution, information about the relative number of devices that share a certain characteristic, such as the Android version or screen size.
  • iOS Distribution, stats on the distribution of iOS, and developer support details.

Standards, Protocols, Models, & Data Frameworks

  • DIF Identity Hub, an open source initiative for DID personal data stores
  • Verifiable Credentials Data Model, W3C standard for decentralized identifiers
  • Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) Spec, W3c working group for specifying DIDs

Useful Tools

  • Airship, Cross-channel mobile messaging solution.
  • GTMetrics (FREE), web site performance testing tool.
  • Quicktime, to view your iOS device on your computer use Quicktime, just connect your phone, from the menu click new recording and off you go (Note: when you connect your phone to your computer with Quicktime Apple has the app forces the time to display as 9:41 AM and put your battery strength at 100%. They do this so that there is consistency when
  • Temi, A fantastic speech to text transcription service. It uses AI so you get your transcription in minutes at a GREAT price.
  • Ummy Video Downloader, perfect for downloading YouTube videos.
  • Voicebunny, a wonderful service to get on-demand voice talent for your videos. It is super easy to use and cost-effective.
  • Vysor, to view your Android phone on your computer I recommend you use Vysor. Note: for Vysor to work you need to make sure you’re in debug mode, click here for instructions.

Stock Photography

  • Unsplash (FREE), Photos for everyone
  • Pixabay (FREE), Stunning free images & royalty free stock

Featured Personal Protection Tools

  • Firefox Send, launched in 2019, helps you keep your file sharing private; Firefox Send lets you, through your browser, share files [up to 2.5GB] with-to-end encryption and link that automatically expires.