Michael Becker is a thought-leader and futurist. He regularly speaks at and organizes public and private industry events.

Michael has participated in over 350 industry talks (as a keynote, panelist, or master of ceremonies), 250 webinars (as moderator and panelist), and a plethora of private briefings and executive workshops. He has also participated in hundreds of industry, press, and analyst briefings.

Michael has presented all over the world on a variety subject, including:

  • Identity & Personal Information Management
  • Data Privacy
  • Digital sovereignty
  • Connected Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Technology
  • Digital Strategy
  • Industry regulation
  • Cross-Device Messaging
  • Succeeding in Business
  • Building Brand Trust with Mobile

Michael Becker @9th Wonder, March 2019

“Michael spoke to my company a few weeks ago on the topic of mobile marketing and identity & personal information management. It was a longer engagement, lasting a few hours, but I could have listened for several more. Michael offered really engaging content in a format that was easily digestible. I find myself referring to his workshop often and am using it daily as a resource for our marketing.”

Tyler Cordel, Halmark (2019)


Michael is available to speak as a keynote, panel moderator, panelist, workshop leader, and event master of ceremonies. We can also advise on the organization and production of public and private events and programs.

Insights Association Converge Conference December 2019

The Identity Nexus: The Future of Consumer Personal Information

For the last decade, marketers have become experts in using data to create a rich set of products, services and experiences for consumers. People are now starting to wake up and say stop. Globally, people are interested in protecting their privacy, mitigating harms and showing an interest in controlling and managing their identity and personal information. The implications of this new interest by consumers will have a profound effect on the future of marketing. In this session, Michael Becker will explain the Identity Nexus which is the equilibrium that frames the relationship between consumers, companies, and government. It is by understanding the Identity Nexus that businesses and marketers will be able to thrive as attitudes and behaviors change regarding personal information and privacy.

  • Insights into consumers’ attitudes about identity and personal information based on the 5th annual MEF trust study
  • Explanation of the actions people are beginning to take to protect and manage their personal information
  • What the Identity Nexus is and its importance for businesses and marketers
  • Recommendations for marketers and martech vendors to prepare for these changing consumer attitudes and how to ultimately thrive

See: Insights Association Converge Conference December 2019

My Data 2019

I’ll be delivering two talks at MyData 2019, September 25~27, 2019, Helsinki, Finland.

Keynote: Understanding & Extracting The Value of Personal Data: Steps Toward Enabling the Personal Information Economy

Workshop: Mapping Value Extraction, Harms Detection & Mitigation Approaches Within Personal Information Economy

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