The Identity Nexus™

The Identity Nexus™ is a strategic management and consulting services framework. It is expressed through conceptual and practical management and modeling tools, tools, and services that help people and institutions understand and thrive within the personal information economy.

Functionally, The Identity Nexus is an equilibrium state that is achieved when the exchange of personal information between people, public and private institutions is in balance.

At a macro-level, The Identity Nexus occurs when the personal information value exchange benefits and risks ratio experienced between [sovereign] people, public, and private institutions are in balance, are equal.

At a micro-level, The Identity Nexus occurs when individuals (people, public, and private institutions) achieve and maintain their [phygital: physical-digital] sovereignty.

To achieve and maintain The Identity Nexus people public, and private institutions must become polymaths; they must work together, and align their efforts through five strategic lenses: technology, economic, legal & regulatory, cultural, and political.

Organizing your business around The Identity Nexus will be critical for future success. To learn about Identity Praxis, contact us, and we’ll teach you about The Identity Nexus and help you and your business prepare for the future, and to develop products and services that will empower all those that you serve.