The Identity Nexus

I am writing on a book on a new concept, The Identity Nexus.

The Identity Nexus is a concept and method for managing the exchange of identity and personal information within the personal information economy. The Identity Nexus exists when the management of identity and personal information among individuals, public, and private institutions is considered to be in a state of equilibrium. The equilibrium is reached at a macro level when all parties experience a mutually equitable level of aggregate benefit to risk. At a micro level The Identity Nexus is reached when each party achieves and maintains digital sovereignty. The Identity Nexus is considered out of balance when one or more parties experiences excessive benefit or risk. To achieve The Identity Nexus individuals, the equilibrium state, public, and private institutions must work together and align five key strategic pillars: technology, economic, legal/regulatory, moral/cultural, and political.

More to come soon. Contact me if you’d like to contribute research, case studies, ideas or more to the concept.