PD&I Market Assessment: Now & Beyond

Personal data & identity (PD&I) are reshaping society and the world’s markets. I am working on a PD&I market assessment in partnership with the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF). Our goal is to help further the growth of the industry by answering two questions in the context of PD&I:

  • What is the PD&I Market?
  • What do we [industry leaders, governments, people…] need to know?
  • What do we need to do next? And when?

The deliverables for this work will be a series of reports, articles, industry leader video interviews, organizational and individual “movers and shakers” profiles, and a PD&I market ecosystem map that categorizes leading themes, organizations, and people shaping the PD&I market. We’ll be releasing these over the coming weeks and months. This works will culminate in a comprehensive 2022 PD&I Market Assessment Report: Now and Beyond and a PD&I track for the MEF May 2022 connect event.

There are four ways you can contribute to this effort and get recognized for your industry leadership.

1. Participate in an interview with Michael Becker
Schedule an interview with Michael Becker and share your industry insights.*

* With your permission, an 8~10 minute highlights reel will be produced from the interview (you’ll have a chance to view it before it is published). The reel will be promoted through the MEF and my social networks. You’ll get a copy for your own use.

2. Provide recommendations
You can recommend organizations, people (aka “movers and shakers”), resources and ideas (initiatives, standards efforts, events, articles, books, presentations, reports, studies, infographics, etc.) that will help us all understand PD&I better and the current and future state of the PD&I market.


3. Volunteer to help

You can volunteer to help. If you are a MEF member, you can join the PD&I working group. If not, you can work with the Identity Praxis team to help frame and shape the effort and insights.

4. Sponsorship

You can help sponsor the effort, either overall or specific deliverables. Contact Michael Becker, if you’re interested.