The Revolution is Here: An Interview With Daniel Goldscheider, Founder of the OpenWallet Foundation

In this episode of The Identity Nexus, Michael Becker talks with Daniel Goldscheider, the Founder of the OpenWallet Foundation, a nonprofit focused on the governance, development, and deployment of open-source software for SmartWallets, i.e., “OpenWallets.” OpenWallets will have a bigger impact on society than open web browsers. SmartWallets are applications and cloud services that empower people to take gradual control of their identities, licenses, certifications, and personal data as they navigate their phygital life, and they enable organizations to manage the verifiable authority that they delegate to their agents—humans, machines, bots, APIs, and more. OpenWallets are SmartWallets built with community-governed open-source software and global industry standards. In this interview, you’ll learn about the OpenWallet Foundation, the benefits of open-source SmartWallet capabilities, and how to get involved (Here is a hint: it is open, and it is free to contribute and use code; there is a nominal fee for commercial organizations to participate in the community governance).

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