The Identity Nexus: Web 3.0 Marketing and Establishing Authentic B2C Connections with Virginie Glaenzer

This episode of The Identity Nexus focuses on Virginie Glaenzer, an accomplished marketer, entrepreneur, investor, and author. With a strong background in the technology industry, Virginie is passionate about helping early-stage companies grow and succeed through effective marketing strategies. In the episode, Michael Becker and Virginie explore how to embrace the Abundance Economy. They discuss Virginie’s journey in the tech industry, including her experience as a founder of a successful startup and her transition into marketing and investing. Virginie shares insights on what it takes to be a successful marketer and provides valuable advice for those looking to grow their business through effective marketing tactics. Additionally, Virginie and Michael go deep into the future of the Internet—e.g., Web 3.0, Web 5, etc.—and how it is systematically changing, forever. For the first time, the people, not platform providers, will bring and manage the identities and personal data that will flow across the wires and through the air. The discussion provides a fascinating look into Virginie’s journey and offers valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers, and investors.

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