Privacy in Your Hands: exploring the Power of Prifina with Valto Loikkanen

In this episode, Michael Becker and Valto Loikkanen, CTO of Prifina, discuss the current and future of what it will take for people to be in control of their personal data and identity, and once they have control, what they can do with their data. Specifically, we review Prifina, a leading personal information management solution provider (PIMS). We explore how data can automatically be gathered from sensors and IoT devices. We review the concepts of a PIMS, a personal data store, and demonstrate Prifina’s integration with OpenAI’s Chat GPT and how individuals can seamlessly use a personal artificial intelligent agent to mine and get real-time value from their data. Prifina has set up a trial of this integration with synthetic data; click here to check it out.

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