MEF CONNECTS Personal Data & Identity Event & The Personal Data & Identity Meeting of The Waters: Things are Just Getting Started

This article was published by the MEF, on June 3, 2022.


Early last month, the MEF held its first-ever event dedicated to personal data and identity event: MEF CONNECTS Personal Data & Identity Hybrid, on May 10 and 11th, in London (watch all the videos here). It was unquestionably a huge success. Hundreds of people came together to learn, interact, and make an impact.

A Transformative Agenda

The event covered a wide range of strategic, tactical, and technical topics. In addition to recruiting the speakers and programming the event, I spoke on The Personal Data & Identity Meeting of the Waters and introduced The Identity Nexus, an equation that illustrates the social and commercial personal data and identity equilibrium. Together we discussed:

  • Leading identification, authentication, and verification strategies
  • The pros and cons and comparisons of various biometrics methods, including FaceID and VeinID
  • People’s attitudes and sentiments at the nexus of personal data, identity, privacy and trust across 10-markets and U.S. undergraduate students
  • Passwordless authentication and approaches to self-sovereign identity and personal data management
  • Where personal data and identity meet physical and eCommerce retail, financial services, insurance, automotive, the U.S. military, and healthcare
  • The role of carriers and data brokers in improving the customer experience along the customer journey, identification, and combating fraud
  • Strategies for onboarding the over billion people today without an ID, let alone a digital ID.
  • The rise of the personal information economy and seven different approaches to empowering individuals to give them agency, autonomy, and control over their personal data and identity
  • Zero-party data strategies
  • Demonstrable strategies for securing IoT data traffic
  • Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment personal data, and identity investment strategies
  • Emergent people-centric/human-centric business models
  • The rise of new regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and new age-verification and age-gating regulations and the impact they’ll have on every business
  • Frameworks to help business leaders at every level figure out what to keep doing, start doing, or do differently

MEF CONNECTS Personal Data & Identity 2022 Wordcloud
MEF CONNECTS Personal Data & Identity 2022 Wordcloud

By the Numbers

The numbers tell it all –

It was an honor to share the stage with so many talented people and a hug shout-out needs to be given to our sponsors and to the Mobile Ecosystem Forum team who executed flawlessly.

We’re Just Getting Started and I’m Here for You

The global data market generates $11.7 trillion annually for the global economy. Industry experts forecast that efficient use of personal data and identity (not including the benefits of innovation, improving mental health and social systems, IoT interactions, banking and finance, road safety, reducing multi-trillion-dollar cybercrime losses, and more), can add one percent to thirteen percent of a country’s gross domestic product (GDP). And we’re just getting started. The personal data and identity tsunami is just now reaching and washing over the shores of every society and economy. No region, no community, no country, no government, no enterprise, no individual, no thing, is immune to its effects.

I’m here to help. I can help you get involved with the MEF Personal Data & Identity Working Group, understand the global and regional personal data and identity market, build and execute a balanced personal data & identity strategy and products, build people-centric customer experiences at every touchpoint along your customer journey, meet new people and identify and source partners, educate your team, impact global regulations, standards, and protocols, identify programs and events that can help you and your organization learn, grown and make a difference. Connect with me on LinkedIn or schedule a call with me here.

Meet with Me In Person in June

I’ll be speaking at the MyData 2022 in Helsinki on June 20~23. If you can make it, please connect with me, and let’s meet up (ping me if you need a discount code to attend).

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