Atlanta Innovation Forum Webinar – The Challenging New World of Privacy & Security

An in-depth conversation on privacy & security. 

On October 15, 2020, I had a wonderful time discussing privacy and security.


Joining me on the panel were,

  • Carlos J. Bosch, Head of Technology, GSMA North America
  • Matt Littleton, Global Advanced Compliance Specialist, Microsoft
  • Donna Gallaher, President & CEO, New Oceans Enterprises
  • Michael Becker, Founder & CEO, Identity Praxis
  • Chad Hunt, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Julie Meredith, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Key Themes

The key themes that came out of our conversation:

  • An assessment of corporate and individual threats and attach vectors (e.g. phishing, ransomware, etc.)
  • People’s sentiment in today’s age: Connection, concern, control (compromised by convenience)
  • Strategies for corporate risk assessment
  • Strategies for executing corporate privacy & security measures
  • Relevance and adhering to privacy regulations (e.g. GDRP, CCPA)
  • Definitions of key terms, concepts, and nuances: privacy, security, compliance, identity, risk, etc.
  • A review of key frameworks: Personal Information Management Triad, Five-pillars of digital sovereignty

You can watch our 60-minute discussion below.




Bosch, C., Hunt, C., Gallaher, D., Becker, M., & Meredith, J. (2020, October 15). The Challenging New World of Privacy & Security. Atlanta Innovation Forum The Challenging New World of Privacy & Security Webinar, Online.