Humanity Power Release Its Action Kit & 30-Day Challenge

Putting an end to the ‘isms that plague humanity

Today is a big day at Humanity Power™, and for all.

Charisse and the team at Humanity Power have launched the Humanity Power action kit, a step-by-step guide for putting the unity that is within our humanity to work. It is a guide to bring joy, peace, and purpose to your life, the lives of everyone around you and afar, and to put an end to the ‘isms (sexism, ageism, ableism, classism, racism) that plague humanity; ‘isms that are the root of so many of our individual and social ills.

I encourage you to take the leap into Humanity Power. Follow the six-actions outlined in the action kit, and personally contribute, in your own unique way, to bring joy, prosperity, and purpose to your life and those around you, and afar.

What are humanity’s ‘isms

So, what is an ‘ism and what are the ‘isms Humanity Power is taking head-on?

Courtesy of Humanity Power: Humanities ‘isms

An ‘ism origin means “to side with.” While there are many ‘isms out there, Humanity Power focuses on ending these specific ‘isms, sexism, ageism, ableism, colorism, classism, and racism. These are the ‘isms that continue perpetuate discrimination within our society.

Charisse Alayna Fontes
Founder of Humanity Power
September 2020

There is so much we can do with the energy that we’re losing to these ‘isms, energy we can never get back. We need to learn to eradicate these ‘isms that are at work within our society, communities, and ourselves. Lets band together, eradicate these ‘isms and put the reclaimed energy to work so that we can join forces and tackle the challenges and realize the opportunities that lay ahead, together.

The Six Actions for Claiming Your Humanity Power

The Humanity Power action kit lays out six actions, steps, you can take to claim your humanity and to help bring prosperity to yourself and the world.

Humanity Power Action List

  1. Learn the ‘isms, start by building awareness of the ‘isms and what they mean and who they affect.
  2. Learn about high-vibration Humanity, learn what it means to use your high-vibration Humanity.
  3. Buy a Humanity Power T-Shirt, wear the message of Humanity Power, and support the mission (T-Shirt proceeds go to the support of the mission).
  4. Gift a Humanity Power T-Shirt, give the gift of unity and spread the message of Humanity (T-Shirt proceeds go to the support of the mission).
  5. Take the 30-day Humanity Power challenge, put your humanity to action and practice high-vibrational activities to help end the ‘isms.
  6. Subscribe and Stay connected, we’re just getting started and you are a big part in that. Let’s stay connected so we can experience mpact together.

Oh, and be sure to keep an eye you for future actions that you can engage in, like

  • sharing the Humanity the Manatee™ stuffy and book that teaches kids about humanity
  • supporting the Humanity Power “3rd Thursday” community enrichment events that provide people in need with a free meal while supporting local small businesses
  • taking part in action-based education. More on all of these later

Personal Testimonial

As for my part, I’m a walking billboard for the impact that Humanity Power can have on your life. Humanity Power has brought me positivity, joy, energy, friends, connections, commercial opportunity, prosperity, and more.

Humanity Power T-Shirt
Image by author:
Becker wearing Humanity Power T-Shirt
Image by author:
Parents wearing Humanity Power T-Shirt

I am using Humanity Power to change my attitude, providing self-care. This has lead to me being more positive. I’m writing more. I am more protective and am finding renewed interest in my work.

I’ve finished all but one of the six actions. Action 5 of the action kit, the one I’m most excited about. It is next on my plate. I won’t give away the surprise as to what is in the daily challenge, you can take action yourself and download the kit.

Courtesy of Humanity Power: Humanity Power 30 Day Challenge

Get Started Today

It is time. It is time to eradicate all the ‘ism.

It is upon us all to create a world worth living in, one that helps people follow their path, one that brings property and joy without causing harm to others.

If you’re not ready to start the Humanity Power journey just yet, that’s ok. Humanity Power attests that there is unity in humanity. Well, guess what, there is unity in community as well. As a first step, I encourage you to at least join the community, start with action 6, and stay connected with the movement and the mission. If you are ready, jump right in. I encourage you to join the Humanity Power community and take part. You won’t regret it.

For our part at Identity Praxis, we’re focused on helping public institutions, private organizations, and people find an equitable balance as it relates to the exchange of identity and personal information throughout society. After reflecting on the Humanity Power framework, this brings another ‘ism to mind, dataism. We’ll reflect on Datism in a future post.


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The Humanity Power and Humanity the Manatee™ are Culture Circle trademarks.

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