Hold the date: Atlanta Innovation Forum The Challenging New World of Privacy & Security

I’m thrilled to have been invited to speak at the Atlanta Innovation Forum’s live web event, on October 15, 2020, 6:00 PM EST, “The Challenging New World of Privacy & Security,” and to have the opportunity to discuss the state of privacy, self-sovereignty, The Identity Nexus™, and more with my fellow panelists.

Atlanta Innovation Forum October 15, 2020
Atlanta Innovation Forum Live Event

Program Abstract

Keeping Pace with the Explosion of Online Traffic… and the Surge of Online Threats Technology has always moved at an accelerating pace. But, since the start of the global pandemic, Internet usage has exploded at a never-before-seen pace, creating an equally explosive opportunity for cybercrime and online security risks.

In 2020:

  • Internet traffic has increased by 70% this year; streaming has increased by more than 12%
  • Ecommerce during the first six months increased more than 30% over online sales from the same time period last year (compared to the previous year to year same period growth of 13%)
  • Ecommerce sales for June 2020 were up 76% over June 2019 sales; for July 2020, they were up 56% from July 2019
  • 10% of shoppers are making an online purchase for the first time this year, due to social distancing concerns

The increase is great news for Internet retailers and online service providers. But, it’s also a great opportunity for online criminals. It’s estimated that online crime in 2020 could result in over $6 trillion in losses this year. So what’s being done to address this? What steps are being taken to make online use by businesses and consumers more secure, to keep pace for with the bad guys? What new tech is being employed? How are businesses and technology vendors – many who are competitors – working together to protect their consumer and business customers to reduce losses, protect privacy and confidential data and to keep the ever-smarter bad guys from getting ahead? Join us as a panel of experts from B2B, B2C, Security and InfoSec explore what “high tech” is doing to thwart “high crime”

My Contribution

For my part, I’m going to speak about The Identity Nexus. The Identity Nexus is the elusive equilibrium point where mutual and equitable personal information value exchange between people, public, and private institutions can be had. I’ll discuss the trinity of self-sovereignty (Privacy, Security, Compliance) and the solutions needed to help us all thrive in the emerging personal information economy.

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