Act now, Aug. 21, 2020 deadline! Opportunity to generate international awareness for your SSI company and the industry category

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has an open call for submissions for their IAPP Privacy Tech Vendor Report. The deadline for submission for the next report is Friday, August 21, 2020. You have 2 days left. Here are the guidelines and the submission form for you to submit your entry for the report.

IAPP has yet to recognize self-sovereign identity (SSI) as an independent category for privacy management.

Don’t worry; the submission process is easy; you just have to fill out a few fields. It should only take a few minutes.

  1. Company name
  2. Company website
  3. New or Existing Vendor
  4. Location
  5. Number of employees
  6. Founded Year
  7. Leadership (top executives, with full names and titles)
  8. How is your organization is funded?
  9. Privately held or Publicly traded
  10. Best fit category (Activity monitoring, Assessment manager, Consent management, Data discovery, Data mapping, Data Subject Requests, De-identification, Enterprise communications, Incident response, Information privacy manager, or Website scanning)
  11. 100-word description
  12. Logo and screenshot of tech solution
  13. Contact name
  14. Contact email address

About the IAPP

According to the IAPP “The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is a resource for professionals who want to develop and advance their careers by helping their organizations successfully manage these risks and protect their data. In fact, we’re the world’s largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community.”

Why SSI Players Should Submit

The surveillance economy has gotten out of hand.

It is time to help privacy professionals and the establishment recognize that they can help their organizations successfully manage risks and protect data by putting identity and personal information and controls in the hands of the people, the data subjects, from which the data (inc. attribute data, labor data, and capitol data) are derived.

The risks of identity and personal data mismanagement for organizations and individuals alike are no longer just a simple annoyance; the mismanagement and ineffective stewardship of identity and personal data can lead to meaningful lost opportunity and lasting emotional, financial, social, professional, reputational, and physical harm for everyone.

SII solutions (in all their glory) are part of the answer: SSI players have the power to help organizations reduce risk and people to securely and safely collect, manage, gain insight from, and exchange their identities and personal information.

Empowering people with privacy is important. Privacy is the ability for an individual to control the who, what, when, where, for how long, and for what purpose an entity can access and use their identity or personal information.

Most privacy tech does not help with this, SSI can.

Individuals should have agency over their identity and personal information.

Let’s get recognized by the IAPP and the industry at-large

Since the IAPP does not have an SSI category, I’d recommend that SSI players use the “Consent Management” and any other category they deem relevant to their product when making their submission. Remember, in your description, be sure to refer to your solution as being SSI related so as to help the IAPP connect the dots.

I have reached out to the IAPP and will be working with them to help them understand the importance of SSI “privacy technologies” and to recognize SSI as an independent category in future reports.

Please, be sure to submit your solution to this year’s report. If we get enough submissions, there is a chance that we can persuade the IAPP to carve our a specific SSI section in the next or future reports.

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