“We Are The Future” – A Video To Prepare You for Your Future

I absolutely love this video!

Back on Feb 7, 2011, the team at PHD released “We Are The Future” as a promotional video to stimulate discussion within the marketing industry.

I’ve been referencing it for years in my classes. It is as relevant today as it was back then, more so in fact.

The video recognizes that

  • People’s expectations are changing, they expect tailored and personalized content and experiences
  • Voice, gesture, intent, augmented reality, and embedded eCommerce are becoming the cornerstone to consumer engagement
  • Everything’s going to be connected, cars, phones, social media graphs and more
  • Personal data will be a currency to offset marketing costs and that people will wake up and expect to be paid for their data
  • People will take action to take control of and protect their data, like using adblockers

The personal information economy is coming. Get ready. The Age of the Connected Individual is near.

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