How to Incorporate Mobile in Your Omnichannel Approach [+ 8 High-Value Use Cases]

I was recently interviewed by Michael Becker (ya, he has the same name as me) from Emarsys, who wrong a great piece on Omnichannel marketing.

You can find the full article here, including my comments,

“Digital immigrants like Walmart, Target, and Sephora are doing an exceptional job placing mobile at the heart of their customer journey, as are digital natives like Amazon, Uber, and upstarts like Zume Pizza. Today mobile enables research, discovery, and transactions. The key to success with mobile is to recognize that the individual — not your website, not your register — is now your primary point-of-sale… The individual should be able to transact whenever and wherever they are ready. To this end, every brand needs to address the “3 C’s” of successful omnichannel engagement — Connect, Communicate, and Commerce — all while guarding the digital sovereignty of the individual.”

Michael J. Becker • Co-author, Mobile Marketing Essentials • Founder & Managing Partner, Identity Praxis Inc. • @mobiledirect