MEF at MWC19: Digital privacy and the ‘grand awakening’

When we share data, we get efficient services and personalised products. We also get identity theft and creepy advertising. So how can we tackle this paradox? At MWC19, MEF invited four experts to discuss…

MEF MWC 2019 Privacy Panel

Is society finally waking up to the notion of digital privacy?

Without doubt, the conversation is taking shape. People are now engaging with issues such as trust, compliance, harm mitigation and the sovereignty of the individual.

MEF’s own research confirms it. Just weeks ago, MEF’s 5th annual Global Consumer Trust Study revealed that three in four people have taken some action to protect themselves.

Watch the Future of Privacy panel from MWC 2019 in full

Privacy and trust are at the top of the industry agenda, and MEF is leading the conversation.

This was certainly true at MWC19, at which MEF convened a Future of Privacy panel session to dive into the major issues.

Dario Betti, CEO of MEF, led a conversation on stage with four senior industry thinkers.

  • Michael Becker, Strategic Advisor, Assurant
  • Julian Ranger, Chairman,
  • Anurag Lal, President & CEO, Infinite Convergence
  • Andrew Bud, Founder & CEO, iProov

Here are the highlights of a lively discussion.

Click here for a summary of the discussion and a video of the complete session (40min).

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