What Does Mobile Optimization Mean for Marketers Today?

Erin Azar, Global Product Manager, at Emarsys recently interviewed me for her piece “What Does Mobile Optimization Mean for Marketers Today?” You can read her full article here.

My contribution,

“Mobile sits at the heart of the shopper experience. You must be both tactical and strategic to win. A successful business requires end-to-end mobile execution and effective front-end shopper experience through backend operations. Leveraging mobile in your business model isn’t a “nice-to-have” —  it’s a strategic imperative. According to L2, 90% of all commerce will be influenced by mobile by 2021; consequently, you must enable mobile at every stage of the customer journey — from discovery to the selection, to purchase, to adoption, loyalty, and support. Remember though, mobile is not just “a phone.” It’s the suite of connected devices, services, channels, and experiences within the connected individual’s life. On the tactical front, if you’re looking ahead, start looking into building rich communication services (RCS) — the next generation of SMS — into your m-commerce plans. Although these services are not mainstream, they will be soon.”

Michael J. Becker • Managing Partner, Identity Praxis, Inc. & Mobile Marketing Expert • @mobiledirect • LinkedIn