Musings on the future, introducing the personal data store

The market is evolving.

The way we serve individuals is evolving.  

I had just my first Blue Apron meal. It was delicious and catered to my individual needs.

Businesses must focus on being of service to individuals, at scale, and on their terms. But this is often not the case, as most businesses create value for themselves by hovering up people’s data and selling it.

People are not individual, active, economic actors of their digital selves, of their data.

There is an opportunity for the industry to provide the right tools to individuals to play an active role in the management of their digital selves across all channels, industries, and companies.  

The personal data store sits at the heart of this vision.  

One day, we’ll all have one. The industry will fight for the right to connect and serve each of us as individuals.  

It would be so awesome if you could create a cartoon around this idea. Are there any artists out there that want to help.

Title Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay