Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship

I just finished watching to How to pitch successfully, a 15 min presentation on, given by Guy Kawasaki.  

It is definitely worth a few minutes. If you’re not a subscriber, I recommend you sign up for the trial and try it out. You’ll love it. If you are a subscriber, way to go, you already understand the value.

Here are the key points I learned in this talk: 

  • Business plans can be extremely valuable, if they’re used properly, as a tool to bring the team, vision and ideas together. Don’t just focus on a business plan, be sure to focus on the pitch. The pitch should follow the 10:20:30 framework–10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font. On this point, I’m interjecting my own thought (actually one I got from Todd Harrison over at Extended Footprint) – in your pitch be sure to answer a fundamental question about your business, “why do you matter?” 
  • Commit, build a prototype, a minimally viable product, and prove your ideas have merit – that they provide value to people
  • Five successful tips in social media
    • post good content
    • attach picture of video (future of social, of marketing, is visual…”visual marketing”).
    • be bold, take a stand (“it is your social media”)
    • practice good karma, share the source (“help all others”)
    • have fun

Following off the last point, in his presentation, Guy promotes his book The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. It sounds like a good read. I just bought it for my Kindle. I’ll read in and write  a post in a couple of weeks and let you know what I think.