Google experiments with an advertising-free Internet

Google is experimenting with a new Internet business model, it is letting users pay for an advertising free Internet experience. Information on the service, Google Contributor, is limited but here is the basic overview.

To participate individuals must first be invited. You can visit to request an invitation.

Once your invitation is confirmed, you can have an advertising free browsing experience when visiting participating web sites, including Urban Dictionary, The Onion, Science Daily, wikiHow, Mashable and imgur, by contributing $1~$3/month.

At this time, there are no other details about the program. For example, it is unclear what the revenue share between Google and the publisher is, what requirements publishers and consumers might need to adhere to or what the personal data collection practices might include.

In a world where advertising is plenty, attention is limited and privacy is in question I’m looking forward to seeing how this model may impact the future of advertising and marketing, not just for publishers but for the marketers using the channel of advertising to reach consumers.