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Michael Becker interviews JP Morgan Chase's Ann Li, Head of Strategy, Partnership, and Data, International Consumer, Managing Director, at Mobile World Congress.


The Personal Data & Identity Meeting of The Waters: A New Path To Value

I recently engaged in a compelling discussion with Kevin Clark and Mike McGuire from CE neWorld about the crucial topic of organizational and personal identity. We explore the significance of personal data and the choices we must make as business leaders. As we dive deeper into this important conversation, I was curious to understand how […]

Personal Data and Digital Identity, and a New Path to Value

I wrapped up MEF World Conference with Ann Li discussing how personal data and identity are fueling the world’s economies. We review JP Morgan’s Vision for the future of personal data and identity management and a new path to value. In today’s increasingly digital world, personal data and identity are powerful tools that organizations use […]

London Event: MEF CONNECTS Personal Data & Identity

I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to be the Program Director for the highly anticipated MEF Event in London on May 25th. There are opportunities to speak, sponsor, exhibit, partner, and more. I look forward to work with a team of passionate individuals to curate an unforgettable experience for all attendees. The […]

Telesign Webinar

  I’m excited to announce I will be participating in the Telesign Webinar on March 16 at 1 p.m. CET to learn how you can better protect your business from ATO attacks. This webinar will also feature other industry leaders such as Surash Patel and Pravesh Arora from Telesign, as well as Bram Van Hoeylandt from Proximus. The 2022 Cyberthreat Defense […]

Personal Data and Digital Identity, and a New Path to Value

I thoroughly enjoyed wrapping up the event with Ann Li about Personal Data and Digital Identity Management. In our session, we discussed the importance of a new approach to personal data and identity management, and how it can unlock a new era of growth and consumer benefits for both organizations and customers. By embracing emerging […]

Consumer Empowerment and PIMS Adoption

I reveal the secrets of PIMS and the Personal Information Economy in my recent MEF Global Forum session. Encouraging organizations to consider incorporating a PIMS into their strategy as a critical next step. Below is the abstract of what I covered in my session, and if you unfortunately missed this prolific event you can watch […]


Michael Becker has a remarkable ability to assess a situation and identify where the opportunities are. Initiatives he is involved with have a ‘Becker Effect’ with a focus on meaningful progress for immediate wins and long term success. He is thorough in considering the existing complexities and forward-thinking about adaptions needed for a changing world (especially in relation to personal data). Conversations are never dull due to his vast knowledge, passion, and wit. You’ll often be left learning something new, a purposeful direction, and motivated to take things to the next level. Laure Carter, Digital & Brand Marketing, Communications, Digital Marketing Manager, North America, December 2020
As people take more control of their personal data and its true value is appreciated, companies will need to adjust customer interactions. Michael has a firm grasp of this emerging landscape and has the ability to explain it to diverse audiences with great energy in plain language. We were so pleased to have him present at two conferences for our association. Both times he left attendees keenly aware of the most pressing issues they needed to address and with the information, resources, and advice to do just that. Art Flanagan, Vice President, Communications, Insights Association, December 2020
One word best describes Michael: driven. On top of that he is a true entrepreneur, futurist, strategist and operator who knows how to get things done. He is a pillar within the identity and personal information ecosystem. To those who know him best, Michael is always moving forward. His passion, gung-ho spirit and energy inspire me. I value his strategic bent of mind, marketing chops and prescriptive thinking, and appreciate the support he has given me and my company over the years. Mickey Kahn, Chairman/CEO, publisher and editor in chief Company NameLuxury Daily, American Marketer, Napean LLC
Michael has participated in our Digital Advisory Board since its inception. He has delivered new thinking and creative partnership and marketing ideas with every meeting, pushing further and deeper for fresh perspectives. Michael cares deeply about his client and his work, and his passion is unparalleled. Kelli Ertel
Michael has participated in our Digital Advisory Board since its inception. He has delivered new thinking and creative partnership and marketing ideas with every meeting, pushing further and deeper for fresh perspectives. Michael cares deeply about his client and his work, and his passion is unparalleled. Kelli Ertel
Mr. Michael is a perfect instructor. I benefited a lot from his Lynda.com Mobile Marketing Fundamentals course. The course contained great illustrations and was delivered in a practical manner. I am sure this course would be great for every digital marketer. I am looking for more publications from Mr. Michael and I am grateful that he is so open with sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. Mohamed Samir
I have known Michael Becker for over 10 years, during which time I have seen him develop and execute one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the mobile space. Michael is a true rainmaker with the ability to craft and deploy creative solutions; his innate business sense and gregarious personality allow him to differentiate his offerings from competitors and standout in a crowded market. Vince Canobbio
Michael Becker is one of the most insightful professors that I have encountered. His National University Advanced Mobile Marketing Strategy course was challenging. It raised my personal awareness of mobile. It presented me with an entirely new vocabulary that I did not even know existed. In particular, appreciated how he incorporated his professional experience and personal opinions throughout the course. I see, now, that marketers do not need a mobile strategy, rather their strategy needs mobile. Furthermore, this course introduced me to a new concept, the Personal Data Economy. It helped me recognize that people can and should be empowered to control their personal information, to manage their digital sovereignty. Change is coming, we should all start preparing ourselves now. Joe Louis Burroughs II
Michael is a great advisor on every level of marketing and strategy. He is the go-to source for marketers who wish to truly understand how to engage in this era of connectivity! Mich Hancock
Michael is a founding member of our Digital Advisory Board. Have a problem to solve or an opportunity to take advantage of? Michael is our go-to person. He always provides not just one but many ideas, insights, books, apps or introductions to members of his network. Thank you, Michael! Carey Bongard